Government College Of Pharmacy, Ratnagiri

(Affiliated to Mumbai University, Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & PCI, New Delhi)

Near Thiba Palace, Govt. Polytechnic Campus, Ratnagiri- 415612, Maharashtra

Dept. of Pharmacology


           The department of Pharmacology is equipped with all the required instruments to carry out the academic activities by the graduates students. The action of various drugs on living tissues and their effect extended to the treatment of various diseases as a science of therapeutics has been explored by the department of pharmacology.

           The experienced and highly qualified faculty members of pharmacology Department are actively involved in getting permission for Ethical committee and constructing animal house facilities.

            The Department is equipped with equipments include: Plethysmometer, Blood Pressure Recorder, Computer attached Photo microscopy, Organ Bath, Haemocytometer, Haemoglobinometer, Analgesiometer, Convulsometer, Organ system models etc.